What is the OCA AIR Program?

Artists have been inspired by the Rocky Mountains captivating views for ages, going back to the first natives who inhabited this land. Today, the sights and sounds of Utah and its geography continue to inspire artists across the country.


OCAs Artist in Residence program hosts individual artists from around the world who wish to engage with Utah and its people during an eight-week residency in Ogden, Utah. The program is designed to support artists with a well-developed body of work that engages contemporary themes, especially those tied to conservation, cultural identity, and community.


Our residency embraces an artist-focused, open-ended model that prioritizes on-site research and exploration in the interest of informing public relationships with the local community. The Artist in Residence program aims to benefit its vibrant location by supporting rigorous research and inquiry of the cultural and aesthetic legacy of our region and related communities.

Community Murals

Artist Open Studio