FEMA Climate Resiliency, Photography and Storytelling Exhibition

In collaboration with FEMA Region 8, Resilience Action Partners, SW Gallery & Science Center, Ogden Contemporary Arts, and RedLine Contemporary Art Center

Exhibition Runs August 9 – October 13
Opening Reception: August 9, 2024

This exhibition presents works from artists investigating and sharing the stories of communities and lands that are adapting to a changing climate.

From sublime foreshadowing to documentation of the real ways natural hazards affect our lives; artists shine a light on resilient communities and their stories of loss, adaptation, mitigation, and restoration.

Roaring Fork Valley-based artist Tamara Susa’s photographs utilize different times of exposure to underscore that climate change happens continuously and overtime; and though it may not be captured in a single series of photographs, it is omnipresent and we are all connected to the change.

Denver-based artist Bill Nelson’s “Fragile” brings into frame the vulnerable lands to grab our attention. As we gaze through his steel viewfinder, we are encouraged to meditate on our role as stewards of the environment.

Colorado artist Emilie Upczak’s film “Silt” invites us into personal and poetic methods of adaptation and resilience by highlighting familial, ancestral and contemporary strategies of responding, processing and grieving that which seems beyond our control, but necessary to face.

Making Waves for Great Salt Lake is a team of three artists, poets, educators, organizers, and Lake-facing humans who are passionate about creating intimacy and relationship with Great Salt Lake, the creatures that call the Lake their home, and our connected waterbodies.

Salt Lake City-based artist Tiana Birrell’s research investigates the copious amount of water and energy used by data centers in Salt Lake and Utah Valley. She uses photography, video, and projection to consider these questions as well as bring these invisible structures into visibility.

Warm Cookies of the Revolutions’ Community Almanac Project explores wisdom passed down through generations in the community, focusing on a different social/civic issue in each volume. Volume 2 of our Community Almanac focuses on Climate & Trunk: A collection of wisdom/art/music/celebration from the Denver community dedicated to solutions to the climate crisis and grounding our work with each other.


About FEMA ArtWorks

ArtWorks is a FEMA program that connects the arts with hazard mitigation. This is part of FEMA’s Region 8, which includes Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming and 29 Tribal Nations.

The goal is to help communities grow more aware and able to protect themselves from natural risks, such as floods, wildfire, drought, and climate change. The program reframes conversations on how to reduce hazard risks before disasters. Its tools are creative, emotional, sensory and community-oriented interpretations through the arts. Climate resilience photography and storytelling is the focus.

The ArtWorks team wants to highlight climate resilience across the diverse range of FEMA Region 8 communities, tribal nations, and individuals. A changing climate impacts us daily. We hope this call for art will help us see how people and communities adapt to and overcome these impacts.

FEMA knows that socially vulnerable communities bear the brunt of effects from climate change and are more likely to be impacted by the associated extreme weather events. For this reason, we are particularly interested in submissions that reflect the resilience in socially vulnerable communities.

Got Questions About the FEMA ArtWorks Program?

Please direct any comments or questions to FEMA-ArtWorks@fema.dhs.gov

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