Jorge Rojas – Social Distancing and Art, Episode 2


“Dance for our Departed” brings to light the unsettling racial disparities in our country made all the more evident by the current pandemic, while offering a multi-cultural dance with    sentiments of healing and hope. During this very challenging time of COVID-19, people of color are getting sick and dying at disproportionate amounts. Tonight a group of Native, Polynesian, African, Asian, and Aztec dancers are coming together from all over the country- from as far as Hawaii, and even in Pachuca, Mexico- to mourn the significant losses that communities of color have experienced due to long standing economic, health, and other inequities in America. Dance can be medicine for healing, and also a weapon for change.

Jorge Rojas and the dancers dedicate this performance to our ancestors and to our relatives around the world who have died from Covid-19.

Special Thanks to: Weber County RAMP, Remembering our Cultures (ROC), DJ Krispy, and Proponent IT

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