Movement brings us back to ourselves. “Untangle” was inspired by Dance Therapy work in an inpatient treatment center. The theme of moving from isolation to connection emerged, first in the therapeutic process working with groups, and then in the creative process working with dancers.

When our April performance was cancelled due to Covid, we were forced to grapple with feelings of our own isolation, and reinvent how to connect with others.

After quarantine stillness came the movement. Flames of social justice, realizing just how connected we really are: when one of us can’t breathe, none of us can.

“RE: Untangle” explores the connections between all of this. We have joined with creative voices from Black Lives Matter, Ogden to bring the community an evening of performance art.

Tickets are $20

50% of the proceeds will be donated to the Black Lives Matter Northern Utah Chapter.

Purchase Tickets Here

Special COVID-19 Considerations:

  • Tickets must be purchased online or at our box office before the concert date
  • No door sales
  • Audience limited to 75 people per showing
  • Seats will be spaced according to CDC guidelines with special provisions for groups comfortable sitting within 6 feet of each other
  • Patrons are required to wear face masks (disposable masks will be made available at the door)

Along with “RE: Untangle”, OCA will have the following free to all Art Strollers…

The Monarch Gist: 

  1. “Untangle” Dance Film
  2. Duet Ogden Movemeant Collective Dance
  3. Jo Blake’s interval.
  4. imprint. A collaboration with WSU Dance Area, Seattle-based Artist Devin Marie Muñoz and Good Company Theatre
  5. Black Lives Matter Northern Utah Chapter Performance Art/Slam Poetry

Monarch Courtyard

  1. Community Mural with Ogden Movemeant Collective involving dance and drawing


  1. Myriad Dance Company will be engaging with Art Strollers throughout the Monarch.


Partnering with local nonprofit Better Days 2020 to present Tamia Green’s art installation that brings awareness to Utah women’s contributions and celebrates the 150th anniversary of a Utah woman voting, the 100 year anniversary of the 19th amendment, and the 55 year anniversary of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Tamia will also be installing multiple murals that celebrate the beauty and empowerment of black women in today’s world.

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